In the past, many smaller employers were discouraged from adopting a qualified pension plan because of the administrative expense. However, our fee schedule is tailored to stay within your budget and still provide quality administrative services. We offer only third party administration services for your qualified plan. We do not sell any investment products. We concentrate only on providing administration and allow you to pick who and where the plan assets are invested. We would like to help you wade through all the confusion among the different plan types so that you pick the retirement plan that best suits your goals and objectives. Give us a call and let us help you design a plan to meet your retirement needs.

Offered Plans

We have experience in providing administration for the following types of pension plans:

  • 401(k), Traditional & Safe Harbor
  • Profit Sharing, including Age-
    Weighted, New Comparability or
    Cross Tested
  • Money Purchase Pension

Document Services

We can provide a plan document that meets your needs. Whether you want a “plain vanilla” 401(k) profit sharing plan or a cross-tested profit sharing plan,

Administrative Services Fee

  • Individual Participant Statements
  • Trust Accounting
  • Discrimination Testing including:
    • ADP. ACP Testing
    • §410(b) Minimum Coverage
    • §401(a)(4) General Test
    • §416 Top Heavy Testing
    • §415 limits
  • Signature ready IRS 5500 forms & schedules

Fee Exceptions

  • Plan Documents
  • Loan processing
  • Distributions
  • 1099R’s